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The Adamantine Cog was the Gnomish part of the Alliance Expedition that was sent to Outland. During the operations in Helfire Peninsula and Terrokar Forest it closely cooperated with the Ironhammer Brigade, the Dwarvish part of the Expedition. The Adamantine Cog itself was made up of 4 seperate units. These were the Shocktrooper Brigade, Technomages, Order of the Golden Gear and Gnomeregan Field Ops.

Background Edit

It had been along time since Gnomeregan was lost to the vile troggs... and even more troubles were brewing. Without warning, it happened: demons poured out of the portal and ravaged the land unopposed until the Alliance made a concentrated effort to push them back - in doing so reaching the other side of the nefarious Dark Portal within the Blasted Lands.
When the Gnomes got word that a new land had been opened up to them, they were rather exited and immediatly appeared quite well-supplied at the scene just in time to join the expedition. Skibb Bunkerbuster, who was a captain amongst Gnomish kind before these events was ordered by Mekkatorque to collect all willing gnomes and venture through the portal with their human and dwarf allies. This group of Gnomes created was christened "The Adamantine Cog", after the unique minerals discovered on the world beyond the Portal. Skibb Bunkerbuster was quickly named Commander and High Tinker of this newly formed group.

The gnomish reasons for joining the Alliance in the expedition are multifacted. Gnomes are by nature quite friendly folk, and they are always willing to aid their allies when needed. Additionally, the gnomish mind is always striving to push boundaries and explore new things, so the prospect of travelling to a new world was not one many gnomes would want to pass on.

Of course, the reclaiming of their beloved Gnomeregan is never far from a gnome's mind either, and the unique minerals and properties of Outland provide them with the perfect testing ground for new inventions to aid them in their quest. Only time will tell if their endevour proves a success, or if the gnomish race will find themselves facing yet another failure.