The House of Prestor was one of the three original GM-Teams set-up within the server Prologue. The team consisted of all previous concept-team members, with the addition of two ex-GM members from the previous server Epilogue.



As the lauch of closed beta approached, GM members were picked from the admin team. As members began to get selected those within the concept team were offered something for they hard work and dedication. With this they decided that becomming a GM would be the best reward and with this, the three made it onto the GM team.

It wasn't long after this that the teams had been formed and the first fifteen Game Masters selected. All the concept team members had been placed together due to the cooperation they had shown over the period of development. The full team was:

Within they group it was decided that they'd pick a WoW related name, and thus House Prestor was formed.


Within the server each team was assigned a specific region, it was decided by the Game-Master Leader of the group, Reegan, that they'd have the North of the Eastern Kingdom. This lead to events such as the Trial of Ulec Haston.

Assigned JobsEdit

Prior to launch, each team had to assign themselves specific jobs within the team. The job choices were specific to a certain area within the community. These jobs ranged from Game Master Leader, the member who'd dabble in all aspects and lead the team, to Builder, the member of the team whose job it was to build most of the things within the region.

Each member, with the exception of the Game Master Leader, had to have one main and one secondary job they'd like to do.

Below is a list of assigned jobs:

  • Reegan - Game Master Leader
  • Aornar - Community/Storyteller
  • Seedbox- War/Community
  • Coglethorne - Storyteller/Builder
  • Bonkle - Builder/War


Weeks into the launch of the closed beta it was decided that the team would work better as one single body, lead by one Game Master. House of Prestor was involved in a small 'scandal' which lead to Reegan being assigned as the first Head Game Master.