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6 March 2011 - Development Update
With a quick overhaul we managed to get the wiki in a release state and will be launching very, very soon. By the time you read this, however, we will have released. Now I wanted to go over one event we schedule to have up soon, the Events:
  • Each month or so we will have a new "event". Ranging from contests to staff member interviews, in each event the article will be left up for however long stated, then pushed into our event archive.
We hope to have a nice run this time around, welcome back everyone!

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Lorbero Fizzlespark-

is a gnomish mage character used by Lorbero in Prologue. Though the character's stories and adventures within the phases has varied considerably, his basic biographical history and personality remains the same throughout

Like all gnomes, Lorbero's physical stature is anything but imposing. Standing less than three feet tall, he appears short even by gnomish standards. His chosen path of magical study has also lessened whatever physical attributes biology may have granted by chance, as his body is much more prone to fat than muscle. Though his wrinkled face marks him as a gnome of advanced age, his wide eyes show little sign of aging, still retaining the glimmer of childish curiosity. His appearance also contains two noteworthy features: a large beard and his wide-brimmed red hat.

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