Prologue Xat Community (found here)is the busiest of Prologue's various chat-projects, and topics of conversation range from World of Warcraft to African Swallows. It is ran by players for players, though, everyone is invited to join in and relax.

The Prologue Xat Community Edit

The Prologue Xat Community is a social network organized by players and staff members of Prologue for the sole purpose of entertainment, conversation and simply goofing around to pass the time. Events are held fairly regularly, such as movie nights, or gaming projects - and if that doesn't take your fancy, there's usually some form of discussion going on from dawn until dusk.

Current Events Edit

Nothing at the moment.

Xat Edit

The Xat itself requires no additional programs to function (only flash) and while it may not seem as easy as using IRC's shallow yet wide interface/chat window space, it comes with many commodities. It features a wide range of apps, such as a YouTube broadcaster, in which members can broadcast YouTube videos and images to share with the chat box, a wide range of flash games, a webcam broadcaster, and a Doodle app (multiplayer MS Paint).

Hierarchy within Xat Edit

Sergee (Main Owner)

Aornar (Owner)

Reegan (Owner)

Noodle (Owner)

PXC (Prologue Xat Community) also has a small team of moderators, picked by the owners based on their activity and maintaining a civil level within the halls of Xat. It should be mentioned that moderator positions are not permanent and can be revoked at anytime by one of the owners.

Here is a list (somewhat accurate) of the current moderators:

Zuul (Prologue Xat Event Manager)

Louise_The_Banned (Prologue Xat Event Manager)

Smith (Moderator)

Caiden (Moderator)

Kalern (Moderator)

Number_3.6.2 (Moderator)

Mozerath (Moderator)

Charls (Moderator)

Dascombe (Moderator)

Master_Aceth (Moderator)

Tyragon (Moderator)

Rules Edit

1) No one wants to hear you argue and bicker with one another - keep it out of Xat.

2) Trolling members will be met with the wrath of ten thousand beasts of war.

3) When in a discussion, read before posting and allow others to finish their point to prevent flaming or a jumbled mess of words.

4) Please, use your forum name - if you don't, you'll be kicked.

Tutorial on how-to-join Edit

Go to, and click on your name. It appears on the right side of the window next to a green figure. Your name will be something like 'SchmookieBuggums' or some similarly horrorific, so change it to your forum name so the channel moderators will know who you are. The green figure indicates that you're a guest. When you've been made a member by one of the moderators, which usually occurs within a few seconds, the figure will become blue. Moderators are indicated by a silver figure, and owners are indicated by an orange figure.